“As a physicist I'm reasonably knowledgeable about solar energy and it was only Techfor and one other company that impressed me. I selected Techfor as they were technically excellent, were honest and didn't go into a sales pitch. I have no hesitation in recommending Techfor Energy.” Mike, Guildford.



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About Us


We are a renewable energy company based in Guildford, Surrey which designs and installs solar photovoltaic and solar thermal Systems to generate electricity and heat from the sun.


We also work with established industry partners to provide access to many other renewable technologies such as air source & ground source heat pumps, biomass boilers, ceramic fuel cells and industry leading technologies.


What we stand for


We believe that renewable energy in all forms is the future of clean energy production and is the best alternate energy strategy for when the depleting oil reserves finally run out. Renewable energy also assures a future free of pollution for future generations.


What we do


We are a customer focused organisation which listens to our customers to meet their objectives.


We take pride in our work and pay close attention to detail to achieve the best possible implementation of every aspect of design and installation, building regulations, planning and manufacturers warranty criteria.


We offer bespoke Solar systems designed around customer objectives and site-specific considerations as experience shows that a "One-size-fits-all" approach is ineffective at meeting customer requirements or the challenges of different site conditions.


We are not limited to using one particular product over another due to large internal stockpiles or supplier restrictions, as we have access to every MCS certified product. This ensures that our customers have access to many different design possibilities and assured access to the Feed In Tariff (FIT).


"We provide high quality Customer Service"


We are a member of REAL, MCS & NAPIT and fully subscribe to their standards and practices, which alongside our own standards, ensure that our customers receive a high quality service and customer experience to accompany the best design & installation which meets their requirements.


"Efficient Green Technology for the Future"


We do not believe in supplying low efficiency solar PV panels (below 14 %). Our entry line products are all medium efficiency of above 14%. The highest efficiency MCS accredited Solar PV panels currently available in 2012 are SunPower panels at 20.4% efficient. Our system design minimises losses in every aspect of the system which means that we provide an installation that produces as close to the maximum rating as possible.


We regularly update our product list with the latest high efficiency inverters and MCS accredited PV panels with long guarantees to ensure you get the maximum output from your solar system. Extended warranties are available as an option at the time of purchase.


Warranties & Maintenance

The standard manufacturer warranties cover hardware faults, our warranty covers the workmanship of solar pv products for 5 years from the date of installation. Installation problems within 5 years of installation will be remedied under our terms and conditions, available upon request.


Solar systems are generally maintenance free as they do not have any moving parts, however, the performance of the system can be affected by the accumulation of dirt, leaves or other matter on the surface of the panels. Normally sufficient cleaning is achieved by rainfall alone, but there may be instances where a manual inspection and clean would benefit the performance of the system.



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